Saturday, January 16, 2010

STUDIES IN WHITE @ Counterbalance Park

Ice on the windshield. Dense fog filling up the ship canal. White sky with blue cracks. What a study in white! What a way to begin!! After calling for flooding rains, we were blessed with amazing weather, a few splinters of sunshine, some cool blues and whites breezing overhead, a cold northerly clocking around to the milder southerly. Though the ground was wet, it only really rained once, for 30 minutes, while Kate was presenting her study in white, a a 3-D paper sculpture. We covered her with white umbrellas and she worked on. Studies in White presented 8 studies over the course of 12 hours in at Counterbalance in Seattle, WA. The names of participating artists follows. I thank them all for bringing their genius to bear in a public way without worry to the weather.

White Field: A. K. "Mimi" AllinImage by Danae' Clark

Wall: Joan Laage, Sheri Brown, Alan Sutherland

Deconstructing The White Album by The Beatles: Lainner Dexter

White: Danae' Clark

White: Vanessa DeWolf

White Construction: Kate FreemanImage by Danae' Clark

White Mask; Mylinda Sneed

The Flashlight Chorus: A. K. "Mimi" Allin, Clinton Bliss, Hugo Bliss, Beckett Arnold, Danae' Clark, Kate Freeman, Sean O'Connor, Mylinda Sneed. We each took a turn at directing. Styles varied from the traditional baton-bearing conductor to the point and explain conductor to the free form announcer to the story teller. Hoots and howls of laughter no matter which way you slice it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Write To Move

Write to Move
Life Drawing for Writers presented by Untitled [Intersection]
2nd Fridays @ The Phinney Center
7-8PM: Writing from Movement
8-9PM: Optional Sharing
Fee: $5 drop-in

Art Walk
Untitled [Intersection] has moved to 2nd Fridays to coincide with The Greenwood Art Walk. We’re still at The Phinney Center and now a part of art walk. There’s more reason than ever to come out on a 2nd Friday--a gallery opening, a live event and an opportunity to make (and share) art!

2nd Fridays
Join us every 2nd Fridays at 7pm @ The Phinney Center for Write to Move, a living, breathing version of Untitled [Intersection]. The models move and the audience breathes and responds. It’s life drawing for writers. Anyone interested in witnessing and responding to movement is welcome—teachers, poets, writers, performers, improv, visual artists, general audiences too! All levels. $5 to join. Donations support the performers & The Phinney Center. Each month features a different artist from the rich community of performance artists in Seattle.

What To Bring / What To Expect
Bring your own supplies (paper, pen, rhyming dictionary, charcoal, watercolors). Prepare to work, unguided, for an hour in a spacious studio along fellow artists.
At 7pm, the performer begins to move. Artists circle around and respond by writing, drawing or preparing scores for movement.
At 8pm, the performer stops moving and joins the circle. Artists are invited to share work and discuss methods.

Write to Move challenges poets, performance artists and audiences to respond to movement and share their responses. It’s part exercise, part practice and part translation. It’s a real experience.

22 January – Wylin Daigle
26 February – Vanessa DeWolf & Kris Wheeler
12 March – Betty Jo Constanzo
9 April – Beth Graczyk
14 May – Christian Swenson
11 June – TBA

Friday, January 01, 2010


Call for experimental artists working in movement & performance

Independent, full-day, outdoor event in Seattle curated by A. K. "Mimi" Allin and Danae' Clark. Studies in White takes place over the course of 12 hours starting at 9AM on Saturday 16 January 2010 at Counterbalance Park in Lower Queen Anne. Individual artists will present studies lasting from 30 minutes to several hours.

Take a virtual tour of the park.

Studies in White is not an endeavor in finished, choreographed pieces. It is a preparation for something. Artists should not spend vast amounts of time preparing, but should envision and set into place parameters for a study and plan to partake in that study, publicly. Artists are encouraged to review the Wikipedia definition of study (art) and to visit the park (Roy St & Queen Anne Ave) and to consider weather and temperature variables when proposing a study. This is a rain or shine event. Portions of the park are covered in gravel, wood and concrete. Performances will be video-documented for a full-length DVD--Studies in White. Video will become part of a Color Study archive.

Organizers seek artists experimenting with movement and performance. Visual and audio aspects encouraged. Other genres considered. No plug-ins available. Self-supporting, low-tech only. While situated in an urban area, Counterbalance Park is not very well frequented and, it being winter, a standing audience is unlikely. The park does, however, sit across from a warm and busy café and is one block from On the Boards, so there will be ample visibility. Interested individuals send an informal e-mail expressing interest to no later than 4 JANUARY 2009. Include your (1) name, (2) contact information (3) link to website and (3) a very brief (<300 words) work history, including current project(s).

Call for individuals with flashlights (any size) to be part of a FLASHLIGHT CHORUS at 8PM on 16 January 2010. Flashlight Chorus is the final study for "Studies in White" which takes place at Counterbalance Park in Lower Queen Anne. Bring a flashlight and prepare to join the chorus!!! A conductor will be on hand to direct you. This is a rain or shine event. Flashlight Chorus will retire to Cafe Ladro across the street after the show to chat and warm up. Need more info? Contact