Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Woman Who Planted Dreams

Catch A Falling Star by aalst 

The Woman Who Planted Dreams is a 2600-mile journey with a book of dreams (yours). I'm going to plant 200 dreams in a long furrow from Mexico to Canada, in the high, fertile soil of the Sierras & Cascades. Each night, I'll open my book, fix one dream in my mind, breathe it out upon the land & fold it into the soil, along with a real seed. Then I'll catapult a glass crystal to the sky. With ample sunlight, fresh air & nourishment, our dreams just might reach full height.
Is there a dream in your heart? If so, please send it to me. I'm inviting one dream per person & a donation of $10. In exchange, I'll dedicate one night of my journey to you. Mail your dream / offering to: Mimi Allin, 117 E Louisa St #201, Seattle, WA 98102 or e-mail: & donate online.  Anything over $10 goes to the project. And if you can't donate, just send your dream. I'd prefer a good dream to a bad feeling. Deadline: 1 April 2014. Dreams received after this  will take a long time to reach me, but when they do I'll plant them in line with the others. Don't let a deadline curtail your dream. Read more about this project & follow this journey at THE WOMAN WHO PLANTED DREAMS.


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