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A Human Powered Spiritual Journey

Tahoma Kora is a 3-month, prostrating pilgrimage to and around Mount Rainier. It begins in June 2011. Prostrate means to lie down in adoration. I'll lie down every 3 steps until I've circled the mountain. Tahoma Kora is an attempt to locate the spiritual in the landscape and in myself, of course. It's a joint effort between me and my audience, my patrons. I'm looking for daily sponsors, 90 sponsors at $50 per day, for each day I walk. Each sponsor gives me mantra to recite, to keep me on task. In return, sponsors take half the karma I earn. And if you don't believe in karma, you can always believe in me and my art, in the work I am doing.

I've launched this project on Kickstarter, an online fundraising platform for creative projects. The details are all there. Go to Kickstarter and search "Tahoma Kora" or click here to go directly to my project. Prostrating is beautiful work, a slow shifting between micro and macro, the grass blades, the mountain, the tiny trembling bugs, the wide open sky. It's relaxing and powerful, if not tiring and strenuous.

Please consider supporting me at some level. Kickstarter has information on how to donate. The minimum pledge is $1. There's no maximum pledge. For $10, I'll write your name on my pilgrim's apron. For $50 you give me a mantra to recite for a full day. The scale keeps going to include various handmade treasures, but the thing with Kickstarter is, if I don't reach my fundraising goal of $5000, I receive no money from anyone. Your gift is only processed if I make my goal. I have 60 days to make it. If you feel inspired, share my project with others who may be interested. I thank you and thank you again. May all be happy! Tashi Delek.

Tahoma is a native name for Rainier, an active, glaciated volcano in Washington State (USA), the most prominent mountain in the lower 48, located 95 miles southeast of Seattle.

Further Reading
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Pilgrimage in Tibet-The Yoga of Transformation by Anne Z. Parker
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Anonymous CE Hegarty said...

I'm wondering if any of Mimi's supporters plans to videotape part of her excursion. If so, would you post a link to the video on this site?

Ah, I just noticed the comments are moderated. But I'll try anyway.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet another reason why we love you.
not that we need any reason at all to love you!

Thanks Poetess

4:01 PM  
Blogger David B Marshall said...

Mimi: I heard you on the Michael Medved show. I respected the way you rolled with the punches: Michael's a good guy, but he can be sarcastic, and it must be tempting to smack him.

I was disappointed he didn't ask you about your, I assume, tantic Buddhism? Having traveled in Tibetan parts of China, this sort of pilgrimage seems popular there -- though also one heck of a way to get dirty. A non-Buddhist (Christian, like me) who was going on one of these hikes around a Chinese mountain to make friends with the locals, once invited me along -- I always regret not being able to go.

Here's one of my favorite spots on Mt. Rainier -- plus a cinnamon-phase black bear. Is that the color you saw most often?

7:31 AM  

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