Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Forgiveness on Aurora

3 July 2010

A full-day, 4-mile, free art event

Two other significant arts events happening in Fremont this Saturday are Shakespeare on the Troll and Red, White and Dead.

Partial funding for Studies in Everything comes from 4Culture. Studies in Everything is a quarterly, performance undertaking that mobilizes artists into temporary communities for the purpose of studying, in loose, but collective and public ways, a topic, mood, color, place or idea. A study is nothing like a rehearsal or performance. Studies favor the personal movement of the artist over that of the audience. Studies offer a chance for inquiry, a time for collecting experiences, gathering information and creating possibilities. Our studies happen in the public arena so the community can see them, ask questions, offer feedback and give support. Situating artists on the street level allows us to manifest a real artist-to-world connection that, in turn, encourages us to value our artists. Approximately 10-20 artists (experimental artists, performers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, printmakers…) participate in each daylong study. Events range from 5-12 hours with individual studies from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Studies in Everything was founded by A K Mimi Allin. Studies in Forgiveness is the 3rd of 4 events in 2010. Studies in Memory will take place at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland on Saturday 23 October. Studies plans to continue this important work long into the future. We hope to encounter your artist along the way. For images, videos and information on upcoming events, see our Facebook Group or check The Poetess at Green Lake.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mimi: Thank you for the opportunity to present my Study in Forgiveness: FireWORDS Improv Poetry. A link to my blog about the event is here:

David Kuhns /

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