Saturday, January 16, 2010

STUDIES IN WHITE @ Counterbalance Park

Ice on the windshield. Dense fog filling up the ship canal. White sky with blue cracks. What a study in white! What a way to begin!! After calling for flooding rains, we were blessed with amazing weather, a few splinters of sunshine, some cool blues and whites breezing overhead, a cold northerly clocking around to the milder southerly. Though the ground was wet, it only really rained once, for 30 minutes, while Kate was presenting her study in white, a a 3-D paper sculpture. We covered her with white umbrellas and she worked on. Studies in White presented 8 studies over the course of 12 hours in at Counterbalance in Seattle, WA. The names of participating artists follows. I thank them all for bringing their genius to bear in a public way without worry to the weather.

White Field: A. K. "Mimi" AllinImage by Danae' Clark

Wall: Joan Laage, Sheri Brown, Alan Sutherland

Deconstructing The White Album by The Beatles: Lainner Dexter

White: Danae' Clark

White: Vanessa DeWolf

White Construction: Kate FreemanImage by Danae' Clark

White Mask; Mylinda Sneed

The Flashlight Chorus: A. K. "Mimi" Allin, Clinton Bliss, Hugo Bliss, Beckett Arnold, Danae' Clark, Kate Freeman, Sean O'Connor, Mylinda Sneed. We each took a turn at directing. Styles varied from the traditional baton-bearing conductor to the point and explain conductor to the free form announcer to the story teller. Hoots and howls of laughter no matter which way you slice it.


Blogger savoysavvy said...

Anyone for trekking into BIG white? Mountains are still filthy with it. Screaming down a slope in an inner tube, face-planting, ice crystals in the nose: opportunity ripe for verse.

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