Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Ritual Room @ LitFuse 2009

I'm going back to Tieton in Eastern Washington this year to teach at LitFuse. Litfuse is an awesome literary arts festival that combines writing, meditation, workshops and of course art in a dusty town in called Tieton. The festival takes place from 25-27 September. Find out how to register here. Below is some info on The Ritual Room I'll install & the other scheduled & unscheduled events I've got planned. See you in Tieton!
The Ritual Room
Sunday 27 September
8AM - 12PM
The Ritual Room is a self-monitoring, participatory installation in the Warehouse Gallery available to all LitFuse participants. Participants may spend the entire morning in the room or come and go as they please. It is designed to provoke practice, thought & writing. A powerful blend of poetry and ritual, The Ritual Room invites you to move through space and time that will heighten your awareness. Engage in a variety of rituals, in a hushed space, at various self-monitoring stations: “The Threshold,” “The Tightrope,” “The Nail of the North,” “Cocoon Therapy” and “The Atelier.” Partake in activities that lead you from prompt to experience, then on to poetry. The Ritual Room is an invitation to discover, unleash and create, with ritual in mind. It is more a experience than a class; equal part creation, exploration and observation. You will be asked, at some point, to sit and observe the others and to write about their movement. You will be invited to play with boundaries and connections, beginnings and ends, milestones and between times, passages and endpoints, peripheries and centers, stillness and movement. Come stretch your idea of where poetry stops and where living begins. Let The Ritual Room draw signifiers in the spaces around you.
ShutterShots of Guerilla Poetry
Saturday 26 September

An hour-long slideshow & talk covering my recent poetry projects & installations.

Gold Sky & The Orange Tree
I am planning to present work on Tieton's Town Green as well. An installation. Or two. One project I am preparing is inspired by my favorite performance artist, James Lee Byars, especially his Two in a Hat and Pink Silk Airplane for 100. My Town Square installation is called "Gold Sky & The Orange Tree." It consists of 2 shoulder-high canopies into which people may pop their heads (through various head holes) and activate a participatory poem by reading and responding to the prompts they find there. Play is as deathly important as community.


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