Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Silence @ Bumbershoot

It’s easy to get disconnected and lose our thoughts in this busy world. But losing our thoughts means losing ourselves (mind and spirit), and that makes so many of the world’s experiences and joys impossible. Native Americans placed silence at the core of their Vision Quest, using it to help them discover their path and purpose. Mystic, Thomas Merton, meditated in a tool shed called St. Ann’s where he felt closer to nature and closest to God. Artist, Jamie Wyeth, sat painting in a cardboard box, using its frame to help him focus on his art. You too can retreat into silence and gain clarity and understanding. Why resist the call to silence? Crawl into one of these low-to-the-ground, egg-shaped pod (made of vines, fabric and foam) and sit quietly allowing the sounds and cares of the world melt away. How much is revealed in silence? Once inside a pod, you’ll be encouraged to, “Empty yourself and wait.” When you can hear your own thoughts, you’ll be asked to settle on one and bring that back into the world. Artist, A. K. “Mimi” Allin, will write that on a Polyshrink disc, shrink it down to pendant-size and give it to you on a string. Then you can take your quiet thought with you wherever you go. Let it to guide you through the busy world and remind you what is possible.

11AM-8PM this Sat, Sun & Mon (9/5-9/7) in the Breezeway between Vera Project & the NW Rooms at Bumbershoot.


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