Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hop, Leap, Hurdle & Move

This poetry-infused project (sponsored by Artspark) happened outside, at Westlake Center in Seattle, on Thursday 18 June at noon. It was outlandish. It was odd. It was Thursday. No, it was not easy. But we hopped. It was noon. We hopped nonstop. For poetry. Yes poetry. And sweet summery mirth. No doubt we'd do it again, but in the woods next time. We gave away 300 poems. We instigated 30 that we know of. We gave it our hop, leap, hurdle and move. We grew tired, then quiet, then all of our poems were gone. And so now... let summer begin!

Mimi spent most of her time handing out poems and cricket-clickers, explaining the project to all who passed. She hopped three times and realized hopping is hard!

Jeremy Halinen couldn't be stopped. He hopped straight through for an hour and a half. It was his personal goal to see if he could do it. He could. When asked where he would be if he weren't here hopping, he said, "work."

Jacob Jans, the first to begin hopping. He hopped high and long, lean and strong, taking breaks only to write poetry.

Paige Barnes was a wonderful hopper and also helped hand out poems and clickers. Thank you Paige!

Writing poems in response to the jumping poets and clicking crickets and warm summer's day.


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