Thursday, June 18, 2009


An Impasse of Poets was a live installation of 100 poets at The Seattle Art Museum on Thursday 11 June 2009, curated by A. K. Allin for SAM Word.
A gorgeous and wide range of voices and ages, local and out-of-state poets came together for this event -- our bodies and words making impasses on the escalators, moving through the galleries, crashing in The Porcelain Room, wrapping round a silver emperor's robe in the Ebsworth Gallery, starting all time in The Italian Room and finally reclining on the Grand Staircase, murmuring poetry for almost ten minutes. We appeared on all 4 levels of the museum over the course of an hour. Thanks to all the poets who participated in this memorable and inspiring event. There are images of this historical event and of the fine poets who participated in it on Gene Frogge's SmugMug site. Thank you, Gene, for documenting this event. They are wonderful! I especially love the portraits in the Brotman Forum and those of the poets at various stages of assembly on the Grand Staircase.


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