Wednesday, June 03, 2009

3 poetry-infused performances in 3 days

Curated by A. K. "Mimi" Allin
Westlake Park | Seattle | Thursday 18 June 2009 | 11:30am-1:30pm

"Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.” --Ludwig Wittgenstein

3 mini trampolines, 9 poets, hundreds of cricket clickers (toy metal clickers), each with a small poem about crickets, grasshoppers and sweet, summery mirth. Poets take turns jumping and writing about their experience. Cricket-Poems are handed to onlookers. All are encouraged to chirp away and write poetry. This event will provide a unique experience for both public and poet, and should, I hope, provoke laughter! Jumping poets include: Jacob Jans, Jared Leising, Paige Barnes, Jeremy Halinen, Megan Ady and Heather Joy Gosnell. Let us follow Ludwig Wittgenstein into the green valleys of silliness! Cricket clickers donated by Top Ten Toys. Photocopying and cutting by Kinko's.

This project is one of many in a summer-long series being curated at Westlake Park by Seattle artist Ingrid Lahti for Artsparks. Artsparks, a new and experimental program, is bringing the creative energy of Seattle’s vibrant arts community into daily downtown life.

2. FOLLOWING JUNK | Creating Story
Curated by A. K. "Mimi" Allin
Puppet direction by Mylinda Sneed
Westlake Park | Seattle | Friday 19 June 2009 | 11:30am-1:30pm

"Following Junk" is a whimsical and moving performance that wants a story. A wooden rowboat set on wheels and filled with gold-wrapped candies, occupied by magical musician (local instrument-maker Frank Junk plucking and bowing his homemade instruments or Junkophones). 10-20 junk puppets will follow along as the boat rolls through through the park.

We want to know-- Where is the magical musician going? Why are the puppets following? Are they children? Is he the pied piper? Is the boat filled with gold nuggets or magical candies? Or are they junk? What’s junk? Is it what’s in the boat or what’s in the children’s heads? 4 or more children’s authors will be present to view the performance and write stories about it. This all happens outside at Westlake Park at noon on Friday 19 June 2009. Authors include Sarit Goren, Danae' Clark, Shin Yu Pai and Elizabeth She. We want to urge onlookers to follow a visual story with their imaginations. Some of the freshly composed stories will be shared at 1PM, before the close of the performance. They will then feature in The Fremont Solstice Parade on 20 June.

This project is also a part of Seattle artist Ingrid Lahti's summer series for Artsparks.

3. FOLLOWING JUNK | Telling Story
Parade float with junk puppets & umbrella walkers (a tumbling river)
Co-curated by A. K. "Mimi" Allin, Mylinda Sneed & Frank Junk
The Fremont Solstice Parade | Seattle | Saturday 20 June 2009 | 12:00pm-2:00pm

The same ensemble that floated around Westlake Park will tour Fremont's Solstice Parade. This time there will be real children walking with the junk puppets, handing out the gold-wrapped candies and animating white umbrellas to form a dancing river. Now that we have stories to go with the ensemble, we read out lines from them to the crowd.

Following Junk was awarded a Dave McKay Grant. Thanks to The Fremont Arts Council for their support!


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