Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Healthy Art Commission

Dear Artist,

I know you. You're working too hard, you're doing too much, you're skipping meals, eating out, forgoing exercise. And you don't have health care. You don't even bathe as often as you should!! Who is going to take care of you?!

Living too is an art. And a healthy artist is a sustainable artist. The Art Doctor has been sent to you by The Healthy Art Commission who hopes to raise awareness about the issues of health, art and sustainability. This is an artist-driven project with artist-receiving rewards. We hope you’ll consider taking part. All you have to do is.... something GOOD FOR YOU. Click on the form above, read all the possibilities and go do yourself some good. Begin anytime. Undergo any pleasure. Document it. Then send me a note. In return, I will recognize you in a performance. The performance will be small, public and rife with ritual. Include a return address and I'll send you a record of it. In your own way, you will be taking care of me.

The Healthy Art Commission hopes to set up a new model whereby artists can begin to take care of one another and steer each another towards healthy, sustainable art. If you know an artist who should see this, forward it on.

The Art Doctor


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