Monday, September 29, 2008


Y o u y o u V O T E V O T E f o r f o r M I M I

A. K. “Mimi” Allin for Poet Populist 2009

I’ve whispered poetry into a 300-pound block of ice, painted it on umbrellas, put it in a labyrinth cut with hand-shears. All of this to get poetry to the people! Now it’s your turn. Please vote for me


1. POETRY POLAR BEAR CLUB. The world's first ever Poetry Polar Bear Club. I vow to put 20 poets _into_ Green Lake this December, wearing only teensy weensy white poetry bikinis. Who said poetry couldn't be fun?!

2. MEMORIZE THIS! You've got a home-cooked meal in your repertoire, but what about a love poem? Do you have one of those up your sleeve? Sometimes all is takes is one drop-dead, seductive, get-em-every-time love poem. I challenge you. Memorize one poem this year. Not ready for a love poem? How about a good-bye poem? Or a welcome home poem? Woo with confidence. Toast with pride. I’ll help.

VOTE for a poet


Blogger Dave said...


Last year when you sponsored the Running Poets at Green Lake, I was one of the lucky writers to have a small piece accepted and published on a shirt. I'd like to return the favor, in a way, and invite you to submit a few pieces to be features as part of my weekly Guest Writer Series on Also, I'd be happy to link to your site.

You can email me at and include a few poems in the body of the message.

Keep going with your work and your poet's soul.


3:58 PM  

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