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Artists experimenting in movement, performance, process, dance, text, sound, voice, music, visual arts and other media wanted for Studies in Memory, a half-day, outdoor, live art event, 1PM–6PM, on Saturday 23 October in Juanita Bay Park (Kirkland, WA). Select from 15-minute to 5-hour time slots. Engage in a stationary or moving study anywhere in the 110-acre park. Studies overlap and continue for the length of the event. STUDIES IN EVERYTHING is supported in part by 4Culture.

Send an informal e-mail to with the following six points: (1) your name, (2) tel # & e-mail contact (3) link to your website if you have one, (4) very brief work history (<100 words), (5) preference for study length: 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour, 2-hour or 5-hours, and (6) one sentence loosely expressing your medium or idea. DEADLINE: 5 OCTOBER 2010.

Studies in Memory is 4th in a quarterly series called STUDIES IN EVERYTHING, preceded by Studies in White (January), Studies in Monk, Mompou and Melancholy (April) and Studies in Forgiveness (July). The goal of STUDIES IN EVERYTHING is to form a temporary community and to have that community study, in a collectively and public way, a topic, mood, color, place or idea. Studies aren’t about finished, choreographed work, they are about the artist’s process. We do not spend a great deal of time preparing for or reporting on studies, but spend time partaking in studies and thus evolve as artists. 10-20 artists participate in each study. Funding helps organize, announce video-document the event. Visit the Facebook Group STUDIES IN EVERYTHING to view past studies.

Memory is the ability to store, retain and recall information and experiences. They say one brain cell is capable of holding a memory. We know that sleep can improve and stress can impair our ability to remember. Our collective set of memories make us who we are. We remember in order to know ourselves.

Artists selected for a study are encouraged to make a site visit & consider weather & the environment when devising a study. It’s not necessary to stay for the entire event, but please do plan to witness the studies on either side of your own so we might witness one another. Note: This is a rain or shine event for which you need to be self-supporting. Bring water, sunscreen, hat, umbrella, jacket, snack food, bus schedules and anything else you need. There are a few inexpensive restaurants within walking distance. Juanita Bay Park is a public place with a fair bit of strolling traffic but, unless you specifically invite people in to witness your study, a large standing audience is unlikely. This is perfectly ok with us since STUDIES IN EVERYTHING is all about the artist’s engagement with the topic at hand. So… “Let the bucket of memory down into the well,/bring it up. Cool, cool minutes. No one/stirring, no plans. Just being there.” From Just Thinking by William Stafford.

Juanita Bay Park is located at 2201 Market Street in Kirkland, WA 98033. There is a day-use parking lot, a restroom, a water fountain, a very long boardwalk with benches over a wetland, a paved path winding through rolling lawns (this area used to be a golf course) and two long finger piers with viewing platforms over the marsh. The area is rife with wildlife. While the adjacent Juanita Beach Park is closed for renovations, Juanita Bay Park is clear and open to the public. Click here for MAP & INFO.


From Downtown Seattle take bus #255 to the corner of 98th & Juanita Park Road or take any bus to Bellevue Transit Center and transfer to bus #234.

From I-405 North, take the NE 116th Street exit (exit 20A) and turn left onto NE 116th Street. Turn left onto 98th Avenue NE, which becomes Market Street. End at 2201 Market Street, Kirkland. From I-405 South, take the NE 124th Street exit (exit 20) and turn right onto NE 124th Street. Turn left onto 100th Avenue NE, which becomes 98th Avenue NE, which becomes Market Street. End at 2201 Market Street, Kirkland.


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