Friday, July 30, 2010


Spaceworks Tacoma
Tollefson Plaza
16-20 August 2010
A K Mimi Allin

The ocean washes its way up to Tollefson Plaza this August for a playful performance set to ocean-side operas. The plaza turns into a beach and the birds sing in opera through a record player. An aging wooden lifeguard chair rises up from the base of the curved pink steps, which are now lined in blue waves. Using costumes, flags, whistles and metal pails, the artist performs to a changing audio of sea-inspired operas and carnival music. 15-minute performances occur daily, on the half hour, for one full week from 2-7pm. The public is encouraged to take a seat and watch the performances or participate in the activities by playing with the water toys around the cascading pools. There will be paper boats, wind-up water toys, water guns and fishing rods. Summer is finally here.


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