Wednesday, July 07, 2010

artSparks 2010

Walking in War & Peace
Weeklong performance by A K Mimi Allin

Occidental Park, Seattle
Daily, ongoing, from 13 July-19 July 2010 until Le Fin

Everyday, for one week, beginning Tuesday 13 July 2010, I will roll out a red runner that stretches the full length of the park (one full block). I will stand at one end and wait for someone to walk with me. Those who join me, tell me their full name and take me by the arm. As we walk, I read to them from War & Peace which is strapped to my body with a specially-designed book harness. At the end of the aisle, my partner gives me a sentence from their life. The only rule is that it must contain the words war and peace. In parting, we take hands, look in one another’s eyes and say, “in war and peace,” as a sort of closing vow. As a community, we stand together despite our differences. We also walk the purchase at Occidental Square and work through an epic novel. Those who walk take away a small piece of the epic whole.

This is an artSparks project
16 artists , 1 city park


Blogger Melissa D. said...

I walked with you toward the end of Chapter 2 on Tuesday morning, as I was on my way to the airport. I only regret that I didn't know about telling you the sentence from my life or closing with "in war and peace." Otherwise, the experience made my day and was one of the most memorable of my whole trip to Seattle.

3:05 PM  

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