Friday, December 16, 2011

Studies in Occu(py)(pation) Logistics

Artist Studies in & around Occupy Seattle
Seattle Central Community College, Westlake Park, City Hall
8A-8P on Saturday 17 December 2011

A K Mimi Allin
* Hand Book
8AM-8PM at SCCC & Westlake Park (ongoing)
Wearing a 2 lb. weighted glove, the artist will repeatedly raise and lower her right hand until her arm is fatigued. She will then ink her hand and make prints of it in a large Hand Book. The prints will then provide prompts for writing. Writing will be done with her left hand. This study uses the Occupy logo as a starting point for exploration. Onlookers will be invited to ink their hands and contribute a print to a guest Hand Book.

Stephen Roxborough
* Study to Vacate and Occupy the Mind
9AM (ongoing) starting at SCCC moving to Westlake Park
Artist will meditate for 20 minutes in each location, attempting to clear the thoughts that occupy his mind. When thoughts arise, he will record them on paper and begin to meditate again. Between sittings, he will move mindfully and thoughtlessly, studying other artists with his camera, taking pictures and referencing his list of discarded thoughts.

Shannon Stewart
Study of Movement/Occupation & Outside/Inside
10AM-12PM starting at SCCC moving to Westlake Park then City Hall
A duet (with Mary Margaret Moore) on the inside/outside experience of the movement that doesn't move.

Mary Margaret Moore
Study of Movement/Occupation & Outside/Inside
11AM-12PM at City Hall
Movement study that explores being inside/outside systems, all the while in duet with another mover (Shannon Stewart) who is conducting her own study in procession from SCCC, Westlake to City Hall.

John Burgess
Public reading of Walt Whitman. Artist will stand atop a soapbox and read aloud from Drum-Taps, including Song of the Banner at Daybreak, Beat! Beat! Drums! and Rise O Days.
12PM at Westlake Park

Lainne Dexter
Recipe for Change/To Bake an "Occu-Pie"
1PM at Westlake Park
Performance Art Piece

Nat Phen (with Benson Smith & band)
"Effects of Ambient Organized Vibrations on Social-Political Group Dynamics" or "To What Will the People Bop?"
2-4PM at Westlake Park
Nat Phen will give an audible voice/cry to the Occupy movement with their Popular/Blues/Mexican/Klezmer/Jazz music.

* Studies with asterisks offer the opportunity for public participation

STUDIES IN OCCU(PY)(PATION) is 5th in the ongoing series, STUDIES IN EVERYTHING, preceded by Studies in White, Studies in Melancholy, Studies in Forgiveness and Studies in Memory.


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