Friday, November 20, 2009


Poetry Polar Bear Club
Noon, Saturday 12 December 2009
Green Lake Bath House Theatre | Seattle

Jump into the lake with a poem & a bikini. Don’t worry, your POETRY will PROTECT you. Yet again, the poets show Seattle how to be one. This is year #2. Last year we made headline news & had a ton of fun. See pix from last year.

So.... join us this year?

CALLING ALL ARTISTS, poets, Alaska-natives and crazies. Looking for 50 hardy individuals to jump into Green Lake this December. It’s simple. Write a poem, put it on a bikini, put your bikini on & come to Green Lake at NOON on Saturday 12 December. We’ll be working up our courage behind the Bath House. Then, at 12:30pm, we’ll drop our fuzzy layers, line up on the water’s edge, read our poems to the massed and staring crowds and plunge on in! This is a quick event. If you’re late, you’ll miss it. Plan to be parked and ready to go at noon. Questions? Contact Mimi / 617.460.6110.

Not willing to freeze your pants off? This is still a spectacle worth attending. Come enjoy the poetry, sip some cocoa, have a laugh. The POETRY POLAR BEAR swim is the same day as the Pathway of Lights. Go Green Lake!

Willing to take a DIP in Green Lake? SHOW UP behind the Bath House at Green Lake, at NOON on Saturday 12 December, in a bathing suit (preferably a bikini, but the rules are lax), with a POEM written somewhere on your suit or body (doesn’t have to be one you wrote, but we’d like it if it were & if it related to the event).

Don’t want to swim, but want to contribute a poem? That’s cool. Post your poem on a picket & bring it to the lake or e-mail it to See you on 12 December!

We need HELPERS on the sidelines to bear witness, hold towels & eyeglasses, hand out coca & take pictures. To lend support, simply arrive at noon and say, “I’m a helper,” or call Mimi at (617) 460.6110.

“Putting the O back in poetry”

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Monday, November 02, 2009

WINDOW SHOW in the news

Here's a great big thank you to Zee Grega of Seattle Metblogs for noticing "Window Show." Now 10 days into the project, "Window Show" is already offering amazing and interesting insights. In addition to my almost daily sittings, five other poet-performers have participated in second sittings. Interested in trying it out? If so, e-mail me at mimiallin(at)gmail(dot)com to schedule a sitting. It'd be equally wonderful to have your artist appear on the other side of the glass in a performance of any kind. Be sure to come by when the window is active if you want to be seen.