Monday, September 29, 2008


Y o u y o u V O T E V O T E f o r f o r M I M I

A. K. “Mimi” Allin for Poet Populist 2009

I’ve whispered poetry into a 300-pound block of ice, painted it on umbrellas, put it in a labyrinth cut with hand-shears. All of this to get poetry to the people! Now it’s your turn. Please vote for me


1. POETRY POLAR BEAR CLUB. The world's first ever Poetry Polar Bear Club. I vow to put 20 poets _into_ Green Lake this December, wearing only teensy weensy white poetry bikinis. Who said poetry couldn't be fun?!

2. MEMORIZE THIS! You've got a home-cooked meal in your repertoire, but what about a love poem? Do you have one of those up your sleeve? Sometimes all is takes is one drop-dead, seductive, get-em-every-time love poem. I challenge you. Memorize one poem this year. Not ready for a love poem? How about a good-bye poem? Or a welcome home poem? Woo with confidence. Toast with pride. I’ll help.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

KISS - "Kiss my canvas!"

KISS was a work of guerilla art. It happened in the open lot by Cugini Cafe on Old Ballard Ave in Seattle.

150 lips met the canvas during Ballard Art Walk on Saturday 13 September 2008. People got on each other's shoulder and knelt down low to kiss it. Women did it. Men did it. Little boys and girls did it. A gray-haired woman with a walker did it. Did you kiss the canvas?

I'm going to keep it going to all sorts of events until it gets covered and turns into a red color field. Then, I'll send it to the MoMA.
This was a dedication to my favorite performance artist, the late James Lee Byars, who once told a friend that the gallery walls around them, which were red, had been "prepared" by 100 Brazilian girls.

Artist & friend, Vanessa DeWolf, pucker their lips to start the event.