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SONNETS IN THE SAND begins on 9 May 2012 with artist A K Mimi Allin and a group of scribes on the Pacific Coast of Washington State, writing Shakespeare's Sonnets (all 154 of them) into the sand at low tide. Following the basic anthropological move of Shakespeare from Old World to New and west across the plains, the Bard, we believe, is headed for the Pacific Ocean. Scribes will reside with the artist on a bluff above Kalaloch Beach, exploring the brevity of life, the transience of beauty and the trappings of desire, while tucking Shakespeare away in the surf. This endeavor will continue until all sonnets are scribed. Sonneteers of all ages wanted to join for a day, an overnight, or a full week. Contact


Europeans brought many things with them to The New World — philosophies, theologies, recipes and books, namely Shakespeare and the Bible. Over the years we've held tight to these things, so tight, in fact, we failed to experience the philosophies, theologies, recipes and stories already here, here all along. SONNETS IN THE SAND is a public art project about love and letting go. It begins with William Shakespeare and ends with an offering of hair. Subsequent to her time on the coast, the artist will have her hair cut in recognition of the national apology to the Native Americans signed by President Barack Obama in 2009.


There is an old Zen story about teacups and emptiness and how we cannot be filled until we are empty. SONNETS IN THE SAND is about emptying ourselves so we can return, as pilgrims, to the New World, completely open to the experience before us. Once we've honored and let go of Shakespeare, we'll be better able to honor the native lands and cultures. To mark this subtle, internal shift, we'll fast from sundown to sunrise on the last day of scribing and sit in silent meditation. The next day, we'll break camp. It is hoped a personal journey ensues from this work for all scribes.

The artist dedicates this work to her friend and favorite brother, Richard C. Allin, Jr., and to his true love wherever she may be. Thank you for your generous support!!


Kalaloch National Park Campground is on Highway 101 at milepost 157. Kalaloch operates on a reservation system from 15 Jun - 02 Sep. The price is $16 during the reservation period and $12 before and after, reverts back to first come first served.

Kalaloch Lodge
157151 Highway 101
Forks, WA 98331
Phone: 360-962-2271

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