Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hermit Seeks Hermitage

Mikhail Nesterov. Hermit. 1889.

Poet seeks bit of fallow land to use (lightly) as a hermitage for one month. Any season. I currently reside in Pacific NW, but am considering offers both nationally and internationally. In the spirit of Basho and the wandering poets of Japan, I’m heading into the hills to practice silence and to write and reflect on life. I own a small sailboat, but currently have no land. Willing to trade poems for land use. Ideally looking for forested, valley or mountain land—high up, far out or down under—however inaccessible. It’s crucial only that it be removed from society. I plan to haul along my handmade, mini, portable yurt (collapses to 6 x 2’ and rides on a bicycle wheel) and a month’s supply of food. I will collect and treat my water and dispose of waste responsibly. I’m a grant-funded conceptual artist and former climbing ranger—respectful, quiet, clean and practiced in leave-no-trace. References available upon request. I’m interested in all serious offers and suggestions. Thank you.

Poet Hermit
617 460 6110