Wednesday, January 21, 2015

108, Performances

Handmade paper mala with words from a poem by Pablo Neruda

108, Performances

Performance artist Mimi Allin is limiting her vocabulary to 108 words for 108 days beginning on 1 January 2015. Her entire spoken vocabulary will consist of only those words from one poem. Why?! The artist is setting an intention with this work, for an even larger work called The Clown, a research-journey across the Pacific Ocean through China to the Mother Sea in Mongolia, then on to Clown School in Paris. The artist hopes, by shedding her language, to increase her capabilities for deep listening and to foster a practice of embodiment. The artist is wearing the words for 108 on a set of meditation beads around her neck (108 is the number of beads on a mala or rosary). As an extension of her meditation, she is rolling 108 sets of mala (it takes her 5 hours to make one mala). This will result in 108 handmade paper mala. Those who wish to support her work with a donation of $40 or more will receive one of these handmade performance objects. All are welcome to join in this 3-month meditation in poetry. 

To roll beads with the artist and set your own intentions, contact: 

To claim one of these mala or get information about The Clown, visit:

The artist is grateful to you and everyone in the community who allows her to explore her art.


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