Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday 12 November 2006


104 leaves left on my tulip tree, my right tulip tree, the one with which I sympathize and identify.


Bye, Baby Bunting,
Daddy’s gone a-hunting
To get a little rabbit-skin
To wrap my Baby Bunting in.

Travis, a regular visitor, has shared with me the news of Brendan Kiley's article in The Stranger, "The Urban Hunt," in which Kiley recounts a summer spent trapping and eating wild urban animals from rabbits to doves to slugs to geese. I have printed and read it.

Have you ever killed an animal with your bare hands? Skinned and eaten an animal? Do you eat meat? Then who is skinning it? Deboning and preparing it? How did you gain such privilege? Is it a privilege? Bypassing this activity allows you to..? Enables you to...? Save you from...?

I have challenged Travis to trap and skin a rabbit. He is up for the challenge. I will do the same. We have until Easter, sinister as that may sound, to catch, kill, skin and eat a rabbit.


Wind and rain all day. All day. Wind and rain.


Maya Beiser presented "Almost Human" at On the Boards on 17-18 November (2006) for which she accompanied, on cello, video works by Bill Morrison and Shirin Neshat.

The accompanying video work of Bill Morrison was critical and moving. Using found 16mm film footage, he plays and replays their signage, recaptures and loses their histories. Explores a world of decay and regeneration. Matter and Memory: A Conversation with Bill Morrison .

The video of a Miao woman singing a folk song, calling to an unseen partner, presumably over a mountain, which in this case is really Maya Beiser on the cello, the Miao woman smiling hopefully through her faith-born song, brought to the fore both the worth and signifigance of our communication.


behind the plateau
a world the way the world was
a million years ago
before the interruption of history
water jumping
over all the images
with the pattern of death
the way water stretches
&bubbles their faces &chests
death in the edge of a water drop
the way water cuts a head off
bisects a scene
drops &disappears
&you can’t find it again
but it’s looking for you
&finds you
who’s lost then
is it death
the way the white balls dance
burn &melt
the way the skeleton dances
is it death
this glue
the landscape waving
galloping shaving
the car alarm in your voice
your self-duplicating sentences
you are multiplying
by 6 by 7 by 8
why bother with family
with orchestra
when you can fill yourself
a room with your sound
design an explosion
instead of going out or in
slide like a door
fill the horizon with a replica
a paper the horizon of yourself
the 20th century
is impervious to your sliding
your superficial gliding


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